Research & Development

    Research on Disability related Technology, Products and Issues under SPIDA Scheme

    The Department of Empowerment of Persons with Disabilities had launched a new Central sector scheme on “Research on disability related technology, products and issues‟ in January, 2015. The main objectives of this scheme are to  promote research in prevention and prevalence of disability and the application of science & technology for the development of indigenous, appropriate aids and appliances. Until 2017-18 the scheme was implemented as a standalone scheme of the Department. From the year 2019-20, it has become a part of the “Scheme for Implementation of Rights of Persons’ with Disabilities Act (SIPDA)”.

    2. Under the R&D Scheme, the revised Guidelines and the prescribed format  for submitting the proposal are given below . PIAs/NGOs/Govt. Organizations may submit their proposal directly to the Department.

    3. Details of GIA released to PIAs/NGOs/Govt. Organizations during the last five years.

    Sl.No. Title
    1 Grant released during the year 2023-24
    2 Grant released during the year 2022-23
    3 Grant released during the year 2021-22
    List Of Completed Reports
    Sl.No. Name of Organization Title of the Research Year Weblink
    1. ShishuSirothi, Guwahati Study on Socio Economic and Demographic profile to explore the employment needs of PwDs in Assam 2018 Accessible Version :View ( 1004kb)
    2. VIT University, Kelambakkam Road, Chennai Understanding the effects of Comorbidity factors in relation to Dyslexia – Holistic cognitive behavior intervention 2018 Accessible Version :View ( 551kb)
    3. Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh Major Research on study on Somatotype, physical efforts &perception of physical activity in PwDs. 2018 Accessible Version :View ( 4.4MB)
    4.  NIEPID, Secunderabad Development of Tool kit for assessing work competencies among secondary and pre-vocational students 2018 Accessible Version :View (1095kb)
    5. Amal Jyothi Engineering College, Kanjirappalli, Kottyam, Kerala Development of R4obotic Mobilizer for people with lower limb paralysis 2019 Accessible Version :View (3.2MB)
    6. TAMANA, New Delhi Role of Virtual training and skill development programme for the intellectually challenged and autistic individuals in strengthening the strengths and weakening the weakness 2021 Accessible Version :View (3.6 MB)
    7. NIMHANS, Bangalore Feasibility testing of employment programme on work performance of persons with mental illness who are under regular treatment. 2021 Accessible Version :View ( 3.1MB)
    8. Ramkrishna Vivekananda University, Coimbatore Development of adapted science experiments for improving skill in learning science and students with visual impairment at secondary level. 2023 Accessible Version :View ( 3.1MB)
    9. Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai Information & one click( an online information portal for disability) 2023 Accessible Version :View ( 3.1MB)
    Status of the Ongoing Research Proposal
    S. No. Name of Organisation Project Title Current Status
    1 Department of Computer Science & Engineering, IIIT Kota, Rajasthan AI Text Glasses: AI-powered smart glasses for visually impaired persons to read the newspaper and other multicolumn text in the Hindi language First installment has been released
    2 NIEPID, Secunderabad Development of Academic Achievement Test for SLD- A Tool for the educator First installment has been released
    3 NIEPID, Secunderabad Exact causes/ reasons for high number of Divyangjan having Intellectual and Developmental Infirmities in the state of Uttar Pradesh, Telangana, Bihar, and West Bengal First installment has been released
    4 NIEPID, Secunderabad A Study on Association between Visual-motor Perception and Cognitive Abilities of Children with Specific Learning Disabilities First installment has been released
    5 NIEPID, Secunderabad Development of Computer Based Screening Test for Adults with Specific Learning Disabilities First installment has been released
    6 NIEPMD, Chennai Developing a prototype of Home-based teaching Learning Materials under the Scheme for Persons with Specific Learning Disability First installment has been released
    7 NIEPMD, Chennai Efficacy teaching learning materials under the scheme Cerebral Palsy First installment has been released
    8 AIIMS, Delhi Empowering Children with Austism Spectrum Disoders (ASD) through the training of Master Trainers First installment has been released
    9 NIEPID, Secunderabad Development of Adaptive Behaviour Assessment Instrument for Indian Population (ABAI) First installment has been released
    10 NIEPMD, Chennai Comprehensive Assessment of mortality and associated co morbidities among Persons with Multiple Disabilities First installment has been released