Awareness Generation and Publicity (AGP) & In Service Training

    Objectives of Awareness Generation & Publicity

    The purpose of the Scheme is to create an enabling environment for social, economic and educational empowerment of Persons with Disabilities in all fields of life by disseminating information and sensitizing all stakeholders for ensuring equal opportunities, equity & social justice to enable confidence building in the PwDs so that they can contribute meaningfully and become equal partners in the development of the Nation. Accordingly, the Scheme has the following objectives

    1. To give wide publicity to all stake holders including PwDs and civil society about the legal rights of the PwDs as enshrined in the Constitution, the Rights of Persons with Disabilities Act 2016 and Rules, International conventions, and Subordinate legislation(s).
    2. To spread awareness about the Schemes and programmes being run by the Department of Empowerment of Persons with Disabilities and other Ministries and Departments for the welfare of PwDs.
    3.  To promote awareness and to sensitize society with focus on remote and rural areas, on causes leading to different types of disabilities and their prevention through early detection etc. and to develop content for rehabilitation of persons afflicted with such disabilities.
    4. To give wide publicity to various assistive devices developed for use of the PwDs.
    5. To promote activities for economic empowerment of PwDs like job fairs, campaigns, awareness on skill development & employment generation etc.
    6. To extend financial support for National & International events held for such awareness generation and training.
    7. To organize special events and celebration of Special days etc. and to promote relevant activity / activities relating to creating awareness in the field of disability sector.

    Objective of In Service Training

    The main objective of scheme is to train and sensitize key functionaries of the Central and State Government and local bodies and other service providers on a regular basis on disability related matters through State/District/Block level workshops with the aim to raise awareness among employees and peer groups about capabilities of persons with disabilities. This will help in creation of an inclusive environment at work place and an enabling environment for social inclusion of the PwDs in all fields of life by providing equal opportunities, equity and social justice and to ensure confidence building in the PwDs. Accordingly, the Scheme’s objectives are:

    1. To ensure enlightened, efficient and committed key functionaries to further the cause of empowerment of Persons with Disabilities.
    2. To create awareness about disability related legislation, development programmes, schemes and programmes for PwDs; rehabilitation and referral services amongst various stakeholders.
    3. To create awareness and sensitize towards prevention, early identification, intervention, rehabilitation and mainstreaming of persons with disabilities.
    Awareness Generation and Publicity Guidelines
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    Guidelines of AGP and IST (Effective from 19/01/2024)
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